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Question 1: The singing of the ________ is also generally unaccompanied, though in the United States organs are sometimes used as a result of Western influence.
East–West SchismOrthodox ChurchChristianityEastern Christianity

Question 2: But some (such as some Exclusive Brethren, the ________, the Primitive Baptists and the Free Church of Scotland) have historically not used instruments, citing their absence from the New Testament.
BaptismRestoration MovementRestorationism (Christian primitivism)Churches of Christ

Question 3: Christian Albums and video recordings (________, LP, digital download, DVD, etc.) have been increasingly more popular and have continued to increase in sales.
Universal Media DiscMiniDiscCompact DiscDigital Audio Tape

Question 4: Like any musical group or act, many Christian musical artists perform concerts in ________, bars & clubs, or outdoor venues, as well as in Church-related venues.
LondonList of opera housesList of concert hallsAtlanta

Question 5: Common themes of Christian music include praise, worship, ________, and lament, and its forms vary widely across the world.
AbsolutionPenanceCatholic ChurchLord's Prayer

Question 6: The church sonata (for orchestra and chamber group) and other sacred instrumental musical forms also developed from the ________ period onwards.
BaroqueWestern art historyMannerismRenaissance

Question 7: Christian music at the ________
Open Directory ProjectLife (magazine)Jim BarksdaleTime Warner

Question 8: Beginning in the 1970s and developing out of the Jesus Movement, the ________ subsequently developed into a near-billion dollar enterprise.
Artists and repertoireWarner Music GroupNMEChristian music industry

Question 9: Specific subgenres of CCM may include (but are not limited to): Progressive Southern Gospel, ________, Christian pop, Christian rock, Christian metal, Christian hardcore, Christian punk, Christian alternative rock and Christian hip hop.
Urban contemporary gospelGospel musicChristian country musicAustralian Gospel Music Award

Question 10: Christian music is music that has been written to express either personal or a communal belief regarding ________ life and faith.
Christian denominationChristianityBaptistEcumenism

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