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Christian movements: Quiz


Question 1: Missional Movement: A modern movement of Christianity that seeks to emphasize the call of the church towards a missions type of lifestyle focused on themes like Social Justice and ________
InculturationFrancis XavierPope John Paul IIPope Pius XI

Question 2: The modern 24-7 Prayer Movement a movement spanning denominations focusing on the pursuit of ________ as the focus of one's life.

Question 3: ________ or Neo-Pentecostalism: Pentecostalism beliefs and practices spread to churches outside of the Holiness tradition.
Charismatic MovementHoliness movementChristianityCharismatic Christianity

Question 4: ________ movement: Emphasizes the Jewish roots of Christianity and understanding Jesus and the New Testament in the light of Old Testament observances and Jewish tradition
MessiahChosen peopleHebrew RootsMessianic Judaism

Question 5: Closely related to ________.
PentecostalismLatter Rain MovementChristianityChristian Universalism

Question 6: ________: the miraculous gifts of the Holy Spirit are a normal part of the "Full Gospel"
ChristianityOneness PentecostalismPentecostalismCatholicism

Question 7: Green Christianity: Christian-based opposition to ________ and other environmental problems
Milankovitch cyclesClimate changeCurrent sea level riseLittle Ice Age

Question 8: ________: A movement of Christians that pursue lifestyles that are both fully dedicated to Jesus Christ and also obedient to God's commands found in the Torah
Circumcision controversy in early ChristianityAntinomianismNew CovenantBiblical law in Christianity

Question 9: Postmodern Christianity: an understanding of Christianity that has been influenced by ________.
Continental philosophyGilles DeleuzeContemporary philosophyPost-structuralism

Question 10: ________ anarchists feel that government and established churches should not have power over them.
ChristianityJesusCatholic ChurchChristian

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