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Christian metal: Quiz


Question 1: ________ (then called Crush Evil) existed prior to the release of Hellig Usvart but their music was a death/doom style (or as they called it, "Sorrow Metal"), and was not yet musically considered black metal.
Christian metalUnblack metalMartyrium (album)Antestor

Question 2: [13] Their second 1985 album The Strongest Power was put as one of the best records of that year in overviews by magazines such as ________.
Kerrang!Kiss 101Mojo (magazine)Kerrang! (TV channel)

Question 3:
Which of the following titles did Christian metal have?
Legion of the Serpent
Chaos Legion
Galaga Legions

Question 4: [36] A music video was shot for ”Telltale Crime” in ________ state penitentiary which was closed due to inhuman conditions.
TennesseeArkansasGeorgia (U.S. state)Alabama

Question 5: The musicians within Christian metal bands typically base their lyrics on ________ traditions.
Christianity and JudaismJudeo-ChristianMessianic JudaismBible

Question 6:
What format does Christian metal follow?

Question 7: Christian metal is heavy metal music with a ________ message.
Catholic ChurchJesusChristianChristianity

Question 8: Tooth and Nail Records, P.O.D., Zao, War of Ages, Still Remains, and ________ were also mentioned.
Black Hole SunBlack Unicorn SplitI Am HollywoodHe Is Legend

Question 9: Musically, the band is often compared to Iron Maiden, mainly due to the similarity of the vocals between Mike Lee and Maiden frontman ________.
Live After DeathBruce DickinsonAdrian SmithJanick Gers

Question 10: In 1986, the band ________ opened ways for Christian speed and thrash metal styles with their song "Black Snake".
Barren CrossChristian metalBloodgoodStryper

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