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Christian heresy: Quiz


Question 1: Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada
Lutheran Church–Canada
Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran SynodLutheranism by regionEvangelical Lutheran Church in AmericaHigh Church Lutheranism

Question 2: Brethren in Christ • site
Churches of Christ • site
Fellowship of Ind. Evangelical Churches • site
Latter-day Saints • site
Quakers/ ________ • site
Quakers/ Ireland Yearly Meeting • site
Britain Yearly MeetingEnglandScotlandQuaker Life

Question 3: At times there have been many heresies over single points of doctrine, particularly in regard to the nature of the ________, the doctrine of transubstantiation and the immaculate conception.
ChristologyTrinityGod in ChristianityBiblical canon

Question 4: Since the time of the apostles, the term anathema has come to mean a form of extreme religious sanction beyond ________, known as major excommunication.
New TestamentShunningBishopExcommunication

Question 5: The Sixth Ecumenical Council is the third of Constantinople in 681; it declared that Christ has two wills of his two natures, human and divine, contrary to the teachings of the ________.
MonothelitismPope John Paul IICatholic ChurchEcthesis

Question 6: of Congregational Christian Churches
Presbyterian Church (USA)
Reformed Church in America
United Church of Christ
Presbyterian Church in AmericaReformed Church in the United StatesNorth American Presbyterian and Reformed CouncilAssociate Reformed Presbyterian Church

Question 7: The church had little power to actually punish heretics in the early years, other than by ________.
New TestamentBishopExcommunicationShunning

Question 8: In later years, the Church instituted the ________, an official body charged with the suppression of heresy.
CrusadesInquisitionReconquistaSpanish Inquisition

Question 9: Another example of a medieval heretic movement is the ________ movement in the Czech lands in the early 1400s.
Hussite WarsHussiteJan HusPrague

Question 10: Christianity is composed of, but not limited to, five major branches of Churches: Catholicism, Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox, ________ and Protestant; some groupings include Anglicans amongst Protestants.
Personal ordinariateEpiscopal Church (United States)AnglicanismEcumenical council


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