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Question 1: The wrath of God is reserved for the wicked at the ________.
EschatologyLast JudgmentApocalypseEnd time

Question 2: Some Catholic theologians have also argued for the existence of ________—a place for the people of God who died before the era of redemptive grace, and for babies who died before baptism and before having committed personal sins.
Intermediate stateAfterlifeJesusLimbo

Question 3: Standard ________ posits that Christ's second coming will inaugurate a literal thousand-year earthly kingdom.
PremillennialismChristian eschatologyCovenant theologyAntichrist

Question 4: In the ________ (Christian "Old Testament"), the grave or the place of the dead is represented by the word sheol (שאול, Sh'ol).
Hebrew BibleBiblical canonTanakhDeuterocanonical books

Question 5: At the end of this period, Christ returns to defeat the ________ and establish the age of peace.
Covenant theologyChristian eschatologySecond ComingAntichrist

Question 6: This view was popular among that segment of the ________ movement in the 16th century led by Thomas Muntzer.
Christian denominationAnabaptistProtestant ReformationChristianity

Question 7: The word "________" is derived from two Greek words meaning "last" and "study" (ἔσχατος, last; and λογία, lit.
Islamic eschatologyChristian eschatologyEschatologyApocalypticism

Question 8: Then follows a seven-year period of suffering in which the ________ will conquer the world and persecute those who refuse to worship him.
Second ComingAntichristCovenant theologyChristian eschatology

Question 9: Eastern Orthodoxy and ________ do not require belief in Purgatory.
ProtestantismChristian denominationBaptistChristianity

Question 10: Such Anglicans as ________ accept the notion of continuing sanctification after bodily death, in the community of the Church Expectant.
John MacquarriePhilosophyMartin HeideggerScotland

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