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Question 1: A large cross worn in front of the chest (in ________, pectus) by some clergy.
LatinVulgar LatinRoman EmpireOld Latin

Question 2: By the 10th century such crosses were in common use, but the earliest extant altar cross is a 12th-century one in the Great Lavra on ________.
GreeceHosios LoukasThessalonikiMount Athos

Question 3: In later times the Egyptian Christians (________), attracted by its form, and perhaps by its symbolism, adopted it as the emblem of the cross.
Coptic historyCoptic languageEgyptiansCopt

Question 4: A cross with the crossbeam placed near the foot, that is associated with ________ because of the tradition that he was crucified with head down.
John the ApostleCatholic ChurchChristianity in the 1st centurySaint Peter

Question 5: The native Canadian ________ symbol, as depicted on the Flag of Nunavut, a Canadian territory, resembles a Christian cross.
First NationsCanadaInuitInukshuk

Question 6: Many ________ traditions depict the cross without the corpus, interpreting this form as an indication of belief in the resurrection rather than as representing the interval between the death and the resurrection of Jesus.
ChristianityProtestantismChristian denominationBaptist

Question 7: This cross existed very early in ________, and was adopted by the Russian Orthodox Church and especially popularized in the Slavic countries.
IstanbulByzantiumRoman EmpireGreeks

Question 8: In Catholic countries, crosses are often erected on the peaks of prominent mountains, such as the Zugspitze or ________, so as to be visible over the entire surrounding area.
MontrealMontreal MetroCentral Station (Montreal)Mount Royal

Question 9: This was already a common Christian practice in the time of ________.
TertullianPeter AbelardCatholic ChurchDidache

Question 10: Rose Cross is the central symbol to all groups embracing the ________ philosophy of the Rosicrucians.
GnosticismEsoteric ChristianityMysticismEsotericism


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