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Christian burial: Quiz


Question 1: The full burial service of the ________ is lengthy, and there are several features unique to the Eastern Church.
ChristianityOrthodox ChurchEastern ChristianityEast–West Schism

Question 2: The funeral service is called in Greek, ________, meaning "vigil", and it originally lasted through the entire night and into the next morning.
PolytheismReligion in ancient GreeceImperial cult (ancient Rome)Eleusinian Mysteries

Question 3: The body of a deceased priest or ________ is prepared by the clergy, and is anointed with oil.

Question 4: He is then clothed in his full Eucharistic ________ (however, if he was a hieromonk he will usually be colthed in his monastic habit and be vested only in his epitrachelion [stole] and epimanikia [cuffs]).
VestmentStole (vestment)SurpliceAlb

Question 5: A small icon of ________, the Theotokos or the deceased's patron saint is placed in the right hand; or, alternately, a cross.
GospelJesusChristNew Testament

Question 6: If the deceased received the Sacred Mystery (Sacrament) of ________, the priest will pour some of the consecrated oil on the coffin (in some places, this is done at the funeral, immediately before the coffin is closed).
Orthodox ChurchCoronationChrismAnointing

Question 7: The absolution of the dead does not forgive sins or confer the sacramental absolution of the ________.
LutheranismConfessionAltarOrthodox Church

Question 8: The second stage is a cycle of prayers, the funeral Mass, and ________.
AbsolutionJustification (theology)PredestinationBaptism

Question 9: His face is covered with an Aër, the liturgical veil with which the Holy Mysteries (chalice and paten) are covered during the ________.
Orthodox ChurchEastern Catholic ChurchesJohn ChrysostomDivine Liturgy

Question 10: If he was a Stavrophore or ________-monk he will be wrapped in his mandyas (cloak), from which two strips will be cut.
Orthodox ChurchDegrees of Eastern Orthodox monasticismHistory of the Orthodox ChurchCoptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria


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