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Christian Zionism: Quiz


Question 1: In colonial times, ________ and John Cotton,among others, favored restoration of the Jews, but it was not until the early 19th century that the idea gathered impetus.
Salem witch trialsCotton MatherWilliam Stoughton (Massachusetts)Increase Mather

Question 2: Popular interest in Christian Zionism was given a boost around the year 2000 in the form of the Left Behind series of novels by ________ and Jerry B. Jenkins.
The Remnant (LaHaye novel)Tim LaHayeTribulation ForceSecond Coming

Question 3: The novels are built around the prophetic role of Israel in the apocalyptic ________.
End timeEschatologyLast JudgmentApocalypse

Question 4: In United States politics, Christian Zionism is important because it mobilises an important Republican constituency: fundamentalist and ________ Protestants who support Israel.
ChristianityEcumenismEvangelicalismProtestant Reformation

Question 5: This was expressed at the ________ in 1878, which issued a 14 point proclamation, including the following text:
C. I. ScofieldNiagara Bible ConferenceDispensationalismPremillennialism

Question 6: Pawson was spurred to write this book by the work of ________, an evangelical Christian who rejects Christian Zionism.
PalestineStephen SizerAnglicanismIsrael

Question 7: Examples of Christian leaders combining political conservatism with Christian Zionism are Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson, leading figures of the ________ in the 1980s and 1990s.
Christian leftChristian democracyChristian rightDominionism

Question 8: The dispensationalist theology of ________ which motivates one stream of American Christian Zionism is often claimed to be the foundation of American Christian Zionism.
John Nelson DarbyEnd timeDispensationalismPlymouth Brethren

Question 9: The didactic texts of the ________ also include explanations of the events described in prophecy, and so complement and expand upon their significance.
Liturgical bookPsalmsEpistleGospel (liturgy)

Question 10: Some Christian Zionists believe that the "ingathering" of Jews in Israel is a prerequisite for the ________ of Jesus.
Christian eschatologySecond ComingGospelAntichrist


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