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Christian II of Denmark: Quiz


Question 1: By his wife, ________ (1501-1526)
Catherine of Austria (1507–1578)Eleanor of AustriaMary of Austria (1505–1558)Isabella of Austria

Question 2: This article incorporates text from the Encyclopædia Britannica, Eleventh Edition, a publication now in the ________.
Intellectual propertyPublic domainCopyright infringementCopyright

Question 3: Christian's succession to the throne was confirmed at the Herredag, or assembly of notables from the three northern kingdoms, which met at ________ in 1513.

Question 4: During the years of his exile, the king led a relatively humble life in the city of Lier in ________, waiting for the military help of his reluctant imperial brother-in-law.

Question 5: ________ finally rose against him, renounced its allegiance, and offered the Danish crown to Christian's uncle, Duke Frederick of Holstein, 20 January 1523.
Jutland PeninsulaJutlandHaderslevSchleswig-Holstein

Question 6: His rival ________ descended only from Sverker II of Sweden and the Dynasty of Sverker (who apparently did not descend from ancient Swedish kings).
Sigismund III VasaGustavus Adolphus of SwedenGustav I of SwedenChristina of Sweden

Question 7: Christian was born as the son of King Hans of Denmark and Christina of Saxony, at Nyborg Castle in 1481 and succeeded his father as king and regent in Denmark and Norway, where he later was to be succeeded by his uncle King ________.
Christian I of DenmarkChristian III of DenmarkJohn of DenmarkFrederick I of Denmark

Question 8: {Ironically Christian X brother King Haakon VII of Norway was also a descendant of Royal Houses of Sweden and ________}.

Question 9: Sture was mortally wounded at the battle of Bogesund, on 19 January, and the Danish army, unopposed, was approaching ________, where the members of the Swedish Privy Council, or Riksråd, had already assembled.

Question 10: Christian II (1 July 1481 – 25 January 1559) was a Danish monarch and King of ________, Norway (1513–1523) and Sweden (1520–1521), during the Kalmar Union.


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