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Christian Democracy (Italy, historical): Quiz


Question 1: From 1946 until 1994 the DC was the largest party in Parliament, governing in successive coalitions with the support of the ________ (PSDI), the PLI, the PRI and, after 1963, the PSI.
Lega NordItalian Republican PartyForza ItaliaItalian Democratic Socialist Party

Question 2: Moreover, as in the ________ and the 1980s Southern Italy had become the party's stronghold, it was likely that Mafia and dishonest politicians may try to collaborate.

Question 3: With the fall of the ________, the end of great ideologies and ultimately the Tangentopoli scandals, the heterogeneous nature of the party led it to its collapse.
Solidarity (Polish trade union)Berlin WallMikhail GorbachevHelmut Kohl

Question 4: Salvadori, Enciclopedia storica, Zanichelli, ________ 2000

Question 5: ________ (1953–1954)
Mario ScelbaAlcide De GasperiGiuliano AmatoAmintore Fanfani

Question 6: Igino Giordani, De Gasperi, il ricostruttore, Cinque Lune, ________ 1955

Question 7: In economy the DC preferred competition to cooperation, supported the model of social market economy and rejected the Marxist's idea of ________.
Class struggleLibertarian socialismAnarcho-syndicalismAnarchism and Marxism

Question 8: The original centrist and liberal-conservative establishment of ________, Giuseppe Pella, Ezio Vanoni and Mario Scelba, was soon replaced by the progressives led by Amintore Fanfani.
Giuliano AmatoVincenzo ScottiAlcide De GasperiEmilio Colombo

Question 9: Gianni Baget Bozzo, Il partito cristiano al potere: la DC di De Gasperi e di Dossetti 1945–1954, Vallecchi, ________ 1974

Question 10: Subsequently ________ (PSI) easily reclaimed for himself the post of Prime Minister, at the head of a Pentapartito.
Giovanni SpadoliniGiulio AndreottiArnaldo ForlaniBettino Craxi


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