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Question 1: The Church gradually spread through the Roman Empire and outside it, gaining major establishments in cities such as Jerusalem, ________, and Edessa.

Question 2: Some think that conflict with Jewish religious authorities quickly led to the expulsion of the Christians from the ________ in Jerusalem.
Ashkenazi JewsSephardi JewsSpanish and Portuguese JewsSynagogue

Question 3: [18] The reign of ________ in Western Europe is particularly noted for bringing the last major Western tribes outside of the Church into communion with Rome, in part through conquest and forced conversion.
Lothair IAlboinCharlemagneLouis the Pious

Question 4: [14] Even after the split of the Roman Empire the Church remained a relatively united institution (apart from ________ and some other groups which separated from the rest of the Church earlier).
Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo ChurchOriental OrthodoxyOrthodox ChurchArmenian Apostolic Church

Question 5: In this view, the Church invisible consists of all those from every time and place who are vitally united to Christ through regeneration and salvation and who will be eternally united to Jesus Christ in ________.

Question 6: Even in the Muslim World, the Church survived (e.g., the modern ________, Maronites, and others) albeit at times with great difficulty.
EgyptCoptEgyptiansCoptic history

Question 7: In the ________ the term ἐκκλησία (church or assembly) is used for local communities and in a universal sense to mean all believers.
New TestamentBiblical canonJesusGospel

Question 8: The importance of identity of tradition and belief with the original Christian Church can be seen as originating with the biblical proscriptions against ________.
ApocalypticismEnd timeFalse prophetEschatology

Question 9: A major controversy as the Church was being formalized was the ________ vs.
ArianismGermanic ChristianityFranksGothic Christianity

Question 10: [5] (See also ________ and List of events in early Christianity.)
Development of the Jewish Bible canonCouncil of JamniaBibleBiblical canon


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