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Chris Claremont: Quiz


Question 1: [5] In 1974, as an entry into comics writing, Claremont was given the fledgling title Iron Fist that also teamed him with ________ for the second time.
Wolverine (comics)Stan LeeJack KirbyJohn Byrne

Question 2: He also wrote a few issues of the series WildC.A.T.s (volume 1, issues #10-13) at ________, which introduced his creator-owned character Huntsman.
Image ComicsWildStormMarvel ComicsAwesome Comics

Question 3: Claremont was a "soft-sciences" major[6] at ________, where he graduated in 1972.
Barnard CollegeMiddlebury CollegeBard CollegeManhattan College

Question 4: 1979 for Favourite Continued Comic Story - X-Men #125-128 [Chris Claremont/________]
Stan LeeJohn ByrneWolverine (comics)Jack Kirby

Question 5: [12] For a short time in 1992, Claremont was part of the "X-odus" of Marvel talent to the new consortium ________.
Image ComicsAwesome ComicsWildStormMarvel Comics

Question 6: Ororo Munroe, became one of the first relevant ________ superheroines of the era.
African AmericanAfrican-American Civil Rights Movement (1955–1968)Great Migration (African American)African American culture

Question 7: In 1975, editor ________ gave Claremont the writing duties for the relaunched Uncanny X-Men series.
Len WeinGerry ConwayDC ComicsJohn Byrne

Question 8: Chris Claremont at the ________
FacebookScience fictionOnline general-interest book databasesCory Doctorow

Question 9: (He also co-created such notable male characters as Sabretooth, Avalanche, Strong Guy, Multiple Man, ________, Mister Sinister, and Gambit.)
Captain BritainWolverine (comics)PsylockeStan Lee

Question 10: [5] Claremont co-created numerous important X-Men characters, and scripted many classic stories, including "The Dark Phoenix Saga" and "________."
House of MAge of ApocalypseX-Men: The EndDays of Future Past

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