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Question 1: ________, a darkly colored pigment, helps the choroid limit uncontrolled reflection within the eye that would potentially result in the perception of confusing images.
Human skin colorRed hairDNAMelanin

Question 2:
How do you write Choroid in latin?
vena thoracica interna
corpusculum renis
spatium retropubicum

Question 3: The choroid, also known as the choroidea or choroid coat, is the vascular layer containing connective tissue, of the ________ lying between the retina and the sclera.
BrainNervous systemSensory systemEye

Question 4: In many animals, however, the partial absence of melanin contributes to superior ________.
Radar detectorRetroreflectorNight visionAirbag

Question 5: In ________ humans, frequently melanin is absent and vision is low.
PhotophobiaAlbinism in popular cultureMyopiaAlbinism

Question 6: The choroid provides ________ and nourishment to the outer layers of the retina [1].

Question 7: The uncontrolled reflection of light from dark choroid produces the photographic red-eye effect on photos, whereas the controlled reflection of light from the tapetum lucidum produces eyeshine (see ________).
ApertureRGB color modelTapetum lucidumHolography

Question 8: In humans and most other ________, melanin occurs throughout the choroid.
HominidaeOld World monkeyMammalPrimate

Question 9: In these animals, melanin is absent from a section of the choroid and within that section a layer of highly reflective tissue, the ________, helps to collect light by reflecting it in a controlled manner.
Red-eye effectRGB color modelApertureTapetum lucidum


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