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Chorizo: Quiz


Question 1: Chorizo can be eaten as is (sliced or in a sandwich), barbecued, fried, or simmered in apple cider or other strong alcoholic beverage such as ________.

Question 2: It also can be used as a partial replacement for ground ________ or pork.
MeatCattleTaboo food and drinkBeef

Question 3: In ________, Uruguay and Colombia, chorizo is the name for any coarse meat sausage.
ArgentinaBuenos AiresBrazilChile

Question 4: In Mexico, chorizo is also used to make the popular appetizer chorizo con queso (or choriqueso), which is small pieces of chorizo served in or on melted cheese, and eaten with small ________.
Corn tortillaFlour tortillaArepaNicaragua

Question 5: LinguiƧa, found in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, San Francisco Bay Area, ________, Seattle and New Jersey, is generally known as a Portuguese sausage.
FloridaAlaskaHawaiiUnited States

Question 6: [2][3] Chorizo comes in short, long, hard and soft varieties, some of which are suited to being eaten as an appetizer or ________, whereas others are better suited to cooking.
AndalusiaSpainTapasSpanish cuisine

Question 7: Spanish style tapas bars that serve traditional style chorizo have gained in popularity in recent years and now appear in many large cities throughout ________
Americas (terminology)AmericasSouth AmericaNorth America

Question 8: This type is better known in the Mexico and the ________ and is not frequently found in Europe.
South AmericaNorth AmericaAmericasAmericas (terminology)

Question 9: ________ chorizo usually has the consistency of ground beef, though drier, due to a higher chile and spice content.
United StatesPhilippinesNicaraguaMexico

Question 10: Some Argentine chorizos include other types of meat, typically ________.
MilkBeefCattleTaboo food and drink

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