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Question 1: ________' hit "Juliet" and The Beatles' "Here, There and Everywhere" both use similar ascending progressions.
Record shopThe Four PenniesUK Albums ChartUK Singles Chart

Question 2:
When was the Chord progression?
July 2008

Question 3: ________ scales such as the major and minor scales lend themselves particularly well to the construction of common chords because they contain a large number of perfect fifths.
SemitoneDiatonic and chromaticInterval (music)Chord (music)

Question 4: [7] Progressions of the general type I - Flat III - IV are audible, for example, in ________'s "Smoke on the Water" and Fleetwood Mac's "Green Manalishi".
Jon LordDeep PurpleThe Platinum Collection (Deep Purple album)Ritchie Blackmore

Question 5: A chord may be built upon any note of a ________, therefore a seven-note scale allows seven basic chords, each degree of the scale becoming the "root" or "tonic" of its own chord.
Musical scaleSemitoneMusical modeMusical notation

Question 6: This probably came about because of the similarity of the blues scale to modal scales and the characteristics of the guitar when played with simple chord-shapes—the trend is also linked to the rise in the use of ________.
Tone clusterQuartal and quintal harmonyPower chordChord (music)

Question 7: (________' "Twist and Shout", Chip Taylor/The Troggs' "Wild Thing" etc.)
The Isley BrothersRonald IsleyIsley Brothers discographyLay Lady Lay

Question 8: Folk and blues tunes frequently use the ________ scale, which has a flat seventh degree, altering the position of the three major chords to I - Flat VII-IV.
Hypolydian modeDorian modeMusical modeMixolydian mode

Question 9: These harmonic conventions were taken up by American popular entertainers, giving rise to many variations on those harmonic staples of early ________ that have been dubbed the ragtime progression and the stomp progression.
American popular musicBluesJazzDixieland

Question 10: This last is heard, for example, in The Beach Boys' "________" ("Got to keep those....").
Brian WilsonGood VibrationsPet SoundsHeroes and Villains


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