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Question 1: ________-rich chondrules may contain parallel plates of that mineral, surrounded by a continuous shell of olivine and containing feldspathic glass between the plates; these are known as barred textures.

Question 2: Chondrules formed as molten or partially molten droplets in space before being accreted to their parent ________.
CometAsteroidCeres (dwarf planet)Asteroid belt

Question 3: Less common types of chondrules may be dominantly composed of feldspathic material (again either glassy or crystalline), ________, or metallic Fe-Ni and sulfides.
OpalQuartzAmethystSilicon dioxide

Question 4: The Ningqiang carbonaceous chondrite contained sulfur-36 derived from ________-36.

Question 5: Most chondrules are composed primarily of the silicate minerals ________ and pyroxene, surrounded by feldspathic material that may either be glassy or crystalline.

Question 6: ________ studies indicate a nearby supernova explosion added fresh material to what became our solar system.
AtomIsotopeStable nuclideTechnetium

Question 7: Small amounts of other minerals are often present, including Fe sulfide (troilite), ________ Fe-Ni, oxides such as chromite, and phosphates such as merrillite.
MetalNonmetalNoble gasHalogen

Question 8: When the pyroxene fibers are coarser, they may appear to radiate from a single ________ site on the surface, forming a radial or excentroradial texture.
NucleationCrystal growthFreezingSupersaturation

Question 9: The ________ or a protoplanetary environment are possible places of formation.
Solar SystemFormation and evolution of the Solar SystemEarthSun

Question 10: The presence of ________-60 also indicates a nearby supernova.


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