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Chomsky hierarchy: Quiz


Question 1: Within the field of ________, specifically in the area of formal languages, the Chomsky hierarchy (occasionally referred to as Chomsky–Schützenberger hierarchy) is a containment hierarchy of classes of formal grammars.
Computer scienceSoftware engineeringProgramming paradigmComputer programming

Question 2: They generate exactly all languages that can be recognized by a ________.
Finite-state machineTuring machineAutomata theoryContext-free grammar

Question 3: This hierarchy of grammars was described by ________ in 1956[1].
Noam ChomskyAnarchismNoam Chomsky's political viewsHenry David Thoreau

Question 4: It is also named after Marcel-Paul Schützenberger who played a crucial role in the development of the theory of ________.
Formal languageFormal grammarRegular languageContext-free grammar


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