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Choline: Quiz


Question 1: When choline is ________ by the body, it may form trimethylamine, a compound with a fishy odor.
Lipid metabolism3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl-CoA lyaseAmino acidMetabolism

Question 2: In 1998 choline was classified as an essential nutrient by the Food and Nutrition Board of the ________ (U.S.A.).
Jeffrey SachsDennis S. CharneyInstitute of MedicineMount Sinai School of Medicine

Question 3: Choline supplements are often taken as a form of 'smart drug' or nootropic, due to the role that the neurotransmitter ________ plays in various cognition systems within the brain.
KetamineKynurenic acidDextromethorphanAcetylcholine

Question 4: The most often available choline ________ is lecithin, derived from soy or egg yolks, often used as a food additive.
VitaminDietary supplementWolfberryHerbalism

Question 5: It is well established that supplements of methyl group transfer vitamins B6, B12, folic acid reduce the ________ titer of homocysteine and so may prevent heart disease.
Red blood cellPlateletBlood plasmaBlood

Question 6: Choline chloride, in mixture with urea is used as a solvent ( DES ) and the salicylate salt is used topically for pain relief of ________.
Aphthous ulcerSystemic lupus erythematosusLeukoplakiaVasculitis

Question 7: Persons suffering from this disorder, called ________, may suffer from a strong fishy or otherwise unpleasant body odor due to the body's release of odorous trimethylamine.
AlkaptonuriaPropionic acidemiaCitrullinemiaTrimethylaminuria

Question 8: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires that ________ not made from cow's milk be supplemented with choline.
VitaminFolic acidInfant formulaMalnutrition

Question 9: Some studies show that as a supplement, choline is also used in treating hepatitis, glaucoma, [14], ________, and, possible, neurological disorders.
AtherosclerosisHypertensionCardiovascular diseaseAtheroma

Question 10: These naturally-occuring ammonium salts are found in the lipids that make up cell membranes and in the neurotransmitter ________.
AcetylcholineKynurenic acidDextromethorphanKetamine

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