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Chlorpromazine: Quiz


Question 1:
What is the molecular weight of Chlorpromazine?
266.381 g/mol
301.72438 g/mol
318.86 g/mol

Question 2: Its antidopaminergic properties can cause extrapyramidal symptoms such as ________ (restlessness), dystonia, and Parkinsonism.
MigraineRestless legs syndromeDementia with Lewy bodiesAkathisia

Question 3:
How is Chlorpromazine excreted?
Biliary and renal, as metabolites
10-15% unchanged
in feces

Question 4:
What is the elimination half life of Chlorpromazine?
2 to 3 hours
3.5 - 5 hours
21-23 hours
16 to 30 hours. In long term treatment, CPZ induces its own metabolism

Question 5: In 1947, it synthesized ________, a phenothiazine derivative, which was found to have more pronounced sedative and antihistaminic effects than earlier drugs.

Question 6: From chlorpromazine a number of other similar ________ were developed such as triflupromazine and trifluoperazine.

Question 7: Sometimes it is used in small doses to improve the nausea that ________-treated cancer patients encounter and to intensify and prolong the analgesic action of the opioids given.

Question 8:
What is the chemical name of Chlorpromazine (IUPAC)

Question 9: It has a unique action in ________, reducing the loss of water by approximately 30 percent.
CholeraPlague (disease)Vibrio choleraeTyphoid fever

Question 10: Some jurisdictions in the United States use Chlorpromazine as a sedative/tranquilizer prior to carrying out a death sentence by ________.
Capital punishmentLethal injectionCapital punishment in the United StatesTorture

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