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Question 1: In some cases, such secondary ________ may have themselves been engulfed by still other eukaryotes, thus forming tertiary endosymbionts.

Question 2: Photosynthesis takes place on the thylakoid membrane; as in mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation, it involves the coupling of cross-membrane ________ with biosynthesis via the dissipation of a proton electrochemical gradient.
FluxMagnetic fieldEnergyMaxwell's equations

Question 3: Chloroplasts capture light ________ to conserve free energy in the form of ATP and reduce NADP to NADPH through a complex set of processes called photosynthesis.

Question 4: In the alga ________, there is only one chloroplast, which is bell-shaped.

Question 5: [4] In that they derive from an endosymbiotic event, chloroplasts are similar to mitochondria, but chloroplasts are found only in ________ and protista.
FungusRed algaePlantArchaeplastida

Question 6: The chloroplast has its own ________, which codes for redox proteins involved in electron transport in photosynthesis; this is termed the plastome.

Question 7: Within the stroma are stacks of ________, the sub-organelles, which are the site of photosynthesis.
Adenosine triphosphateLight-dependent reactionsThylakoidMitochondrion

Question 8: It also contains ________; however most of its proteins are encoded by genes contained in the host cell nucleus, with the protein products transported to the chloroplast.
MitochondrionCell (biology)RibosomeEndoplasmic reticulum

Question 9: The energy of the incident photons is absorbed by the pigments and funneled to the reaction centre of this complex through ________.
Green fluorescent proteinMicroscopyFörster resonance energy transferProtein

Question 10: Embedded in the thylakoid membrane are antenna complexes, each of which consists of the light-absorbing pigments, including chlorophyll and ________, as well as proteins that bind the pigments.


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