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Chlorite: Quiz


Question 1: First, the explosively unstable gas ________, ClO2 is produced by reducing sodium chlorate in a strong acid solution with a suitable reducing agent (for example, sodium chloride, sulfur dioxide, or hydrochloric acid).
Benzoyl peroxideChlorine dioxideAmmonium persulfatePotassium bromate

Question 2: Sodium chlorite is derived indirectly from ________, NaClO3.
Sodium hydroxideSodium hypochloriteSodium chlorateSodium nitrite

Question 3: A chlorite (compound) is a compound that contains this group, with ________ in oxidation state +3.

Question 4: Chlorites are also known as ________ of chlorous acid.
WaterSaltHypertensionSodium chloride

Question 5: The chlorine dioxide is then absorbed into an alkaline solution and reduced with ________, H2O2 yielding sodium chlorite (NaClO2).
AntisepticEthanolChlorhexidineHydrogen peroxide


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