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Question 1: As a common disinfectant, chlorine compounds are used in ________ to keep them clean and sanitary.
AustraliaUnited StatesSwimming poolOlympic Games

Question 2: Trace amounts of ________ 36Cl exist in the environment, in a ratio of about 7x10−13 to 1 with stable isotopes.
Nuclear fissionRadioactive decayNuclear fusionGamma ray

Question 3: The half-life of this hydrophilic nonreactive isotope makes it suitable for ________ in the range of 60,000 to 1 million years.
Isotope geochemistryGeologic time scaleRadiometric datingRadiocarbon dating

Question 4: Chlorine in water is more than three times more effective as a disinfectant against ________ than an equivalent concentration of bromine, and is more than six times more effective than an equivalent concentration of iodine.
Escherichia coliPathogenic bacteriaHelicobacter pyloriPseudomonas aeruginosa

Question 5:
What role did Kyra Sedgwick play in the movie Chlorine?

Question 6:
Who played Roger the movie Chlorine?
Vincent D'Onofrio
Vincent D'Onofrio
Rhys Coiro
Tom Sizemore

Question 7: Saturated sodium (or potassium) chloride solution is passed through the anode compartment, leaving at a lower ________.
SolubilityConcentrationTotal dissolved solidsSolvent

Question 8:
Who played Georgie the movie Chlorine?
Kyra Sedgwick
Michele Hicks
Kyra Sedgwick
Flora Cross

Question 9: Hydrogen H2 | Nitrogen N2 | Oxygen O2 | Fluorine F2 | Chlorine Cl2 | Bromine Br2 | Iodine I2 | ________ At2 |

Question 10:
What role did Flora Cross play in the movie Chlorine?


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