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Chloe O'Brian: Quiz


Question 1: Once Jack gets the audio tape back to CTU, Chloe sets to work preparing the audio tape for the ________.
Alberto GonzalesUnited States Attorney GeneralEric HolderRobert F. Kennedy

Question 2: She is detained and fired when Director of CTU Los Angeles ________ (the person who fired Jack) discovered Chloe is helping Jack behind her back.
24 (TV series)24 (season 6)Minor characters in 2424 (season 7)

Question 3: She displays extraordinary mastery of ________.
Software engineeringComputer programmingProgramming paradigmComputer science

Question 4: When Chloe attempts to find him and bring him to CTU to help, he is discovered to be selling women's shoes in ________.
West Hollywood, CaliforniaSanta Monica, CaliforniaBeverly Hills, CaliforniaLos Angeles

Question 5: She also has a complicated friendship with CTU Agent ________.
Bill Buchanan24 (season 4)Jack Bauer24 (TV series)

Question 6: She even tried to pass the child off as her own, so as to keep Chase's then-girlfriend, ________, from knowing about Chase's offspring.
Nina MyersTeri BauerSherry PalmerKim Bauer

Question 7: She received her education at the University of California-Davis, having received her BSc in ________.
Computer programmingSoftware engineeringProgramming paradigmComputer science

Question 8: ________ commented "Chloe is crankier than ever; the dammit count is pretty high."[8]
Hugh LaurieJames GandolfiniKiefer SutherlandMartin Sheen

Question 9: When chatter is intercepted between Fayed and ________, a profile of the man able to arm the four remaining suitcase nukes is sent, though the message is badly degraded.
24 (season 6)Minor characters in 2424 (TV series)24 (season 7)

Question 10: When Driscoll resigns and ________ steps in, she is reinstated since none of the other CTU employees were as skilled as Chloe was.
24 (season 3)Tony AlmeidaMichelle Dessler24 (TV series)

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