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Question 1: When examining ________, chivalry can be classified into three basic but overlapping areas:
Byzantine EmpireMedieval French literatureMedieval poetryMedieval literature

Question 2: At the same time the church became more tolerant of war in the defense of faith, espousing theories of the ________; and liturgies were introduced which blessed a knight's sword, and a bath of chivalric purification.
PlatoThomas AquinasJust WarAristotle

Question 3: warrior chivalry, in which a knight's chief duty is to his lord, as exemplified by Sir ________ in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and The Wedding of Sir Gawain and Dame Ragnelle
Sir KayKing ArthurCamelotGawain

Question 4: Related to chivalry was the practice of ________ and its elaborate rules of displaying coats of arms.
German heraldrySwedish heraldryHeraldryPolish heraldry

Question 5: In the 15th century ________ combined themes from Vegetius, Bonet and Frontinus in Livre des faits d'armes et de chevalerie.
Christine de PizanMedieval French literatureFrench literatureJean de Meun

Question 6: In legal documents, references to lands held in chivalry imply a type of land tenure in which military services was owed, as in ________.

Question 7: [2] Their ideas of chivalry were also further influenced by ________, who was viewed as a chivalrous knight by medieval Christian writers.
Turan-ShahSaladinShirkuhAyyubid dynasty

Question 8: The ________ in the 10th century was one such example, with limits placed on knights to protect and honor the weaker members of society and also help the church maintain peace.
Pax RomanaPax AssyriacaPax AmericanaPeace and Truce of God

Question 9: [2] These concepts of "religious chivalry" were further elaborated in the era of the ________, with the Crusades themselves often being seen as a chivalrous enterprise.
First seven Ecumenical CouncilsCounter-ReformationEast–West SchismCrusades

Question 10: It is usually associated with ideals of knightly virtues, honor and ________.
Romance (love)Courtly loveChemical basis for loveStorge

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