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Chitosan: Quiz


Question 1: [32] Chitosan hemostatic products have been sold to the U.S. Army, who have already used the bandages on the battlefields of ________.

Question 2: The degree of deacetylation (%DD) can be determined by NMR ________, and the %DD in commercial chitosans is in the range 60-100 %.
Analytical chemistryAtomic absorption spectroscopySpectroscopyAtomic emission spectroscopy

Question 3: The ________ group in chitosan has a pKa value of ~6.5, thus, chitosan is positively charged and soluble in acidic to neutral solution with a charge density dependent on pH and the %DA-value.

Question 4: Chitosan is produced commercially by deacetylation of chitin , which is the structural element in the exoskeleton of ________ (crabs, shrimp, etc.) and cell walls of fungi.

Question 5: It alters ________ composition, increasing the excretion of sterols and reducing the digestibility of ileal fats.
Bile acidCholic acidMetabolismCholesterol

Question 6: Trimethylchitosan, or quaternised chitosan, has been shown to ________ breast cancer cells; with increased degree of trimethylation increasing the cytotoxicity and at approximately 50% trimethylation the derivative is the most efficient at gene delivery.
Optical transfectionHorizontal gene transferTransposonTransfection

Question 7: Chitosan combined with ________ silica is becoming a popular fining agent for white wines, because chitosan does not require acidic tannins (found primarily in red wines) to flocculate with.
ColloidPlasma (physics)SolidLiquid

Question 8: Purified qualities of chitosans are available for ________ applications.
EpidemiologyClinical trialAnimal testingMedical research

Question 9: Sand filtration apparently can remove up to 50% of the turbidity alone while the chitosan with sand filtration removes up to 99% ________.
TurbidityWater purificationStormwaterWater pollution

Question 10: [38][39][40] It is unclear how chitosan does this, but the currently favored hypotheses involve the increase of intestinal viscosity or ________ acid-binding capacity.
DigestionSecretinBileHuman gastrointestinal tract

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