Chios: Quiz

Question 1: [10] Now a powerful Greek city-state, Chios was the last member of the ________ to revolt.
Alexander the GreatDelian LeagueAchaemenid EmpirePtolemaic Kingdom

Question 2:

Question 3:
Where is Chios?
Fort Ann
Chios, Greece

Question 4: North of Chios Town lies the large suburb of Vrontados (population 4,500), which lays claim as the birthplace of ________.
TroyClassical antiquityHomerAncient Greece

Question 5: Chian amphoras, with a characteristic sphinx emblem and bunches of grape have been found in nearly every country that the ancient Greeks traded with from as far away as ________, Upper Egypt and Eastern Russia.
La Tène cultureGaulsCeltsGaul

Question 6: The island is separated from ________ by the Chios Strait.
CyprusTurkish peopleCroatiaTurkey

Question 7: In the decades immediately preceding Macedon's domination of the Greek city-states, Chios was home to a school of rhetoric which ________ had opened,[11] as well as a faction aligned with Sparta.
Loeb Classical LibraryIsocratesDemosthenesAeschines

Question 8: Theopompus moved back to Chios with the other exiles in 333 BC after Alexander had invaded ________ and decreed their return,[12] as well as the exile or trial of Persian supporters on the island.
AnatoliaTurkish peopleTurkeyIstanbul

Question 9: After the Fourth Crusade, the Byzantine empire was divided up by the Latin emperors of Constantinople, with Chios nominally becoming a possession of the ________.
ItalyRepublic of VeniceHistory of ItalyHistory of the Republic of Venice

Question 10: When the ________ broke out, the island's leaders were reluctant to join the revolutionaries, fearing the loss of their security and prosperity.
Battle of NavarinoBackground of the Greek War of IndependenceGreek War of IndependenceOttoman Greece

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