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Question 1:
What was Chinua Achebe's birth name?
George Albert Rowles
Albert Chinu1EE5alu1EE5mu1ECDgu1EE5 Achebe
Albert Raymond Ralph
Albert Rosen

Question 2: Despite his protests, he spent a week in the religious class for young children, but was quickly moved to a higher class when the school's ________ took note of his intelligence.
United KingdomUnited StatesChaplainMilitary Chaplain

Question 3: [91] Meanwhile, their contemporary ________ was imprisoned for meeting with Biafran officials, and spent many years in jail.
Günter GrassWole SoyinkaNadine GordimerWilliam Golding

Question 4:

Question 5:
What is Chinua Achebe also known as?
Achebe, Albert Chinualumogu
Chevalier, Albert Onesime Britannicus Gwathveoyd Louis
McCrea, Joel Albert
Emmich, Albert Theodor Otto von;Emmich, Otto

Question 6: [62] Continuing to Tanganyika and Zanzibar (now united in ________), he was frustrated by the paternalistic attitude he observed among non-African hotel clerks and social elites.

Question 7: In 1975, his lecture An Image of Africa: Racism in Conrad's "Heart of Darkness" became the focus of controversy, for its criticism of ________ as "a bloody racist".
Arthur RansomeLord JimJoseph ConradHerman Melville

Question 8: He is best known for his first novel, Things Fall Apart (1958), which is the most widely read book in modern ________.
African UnionAfrican literatureAll-Africa GamesScramble for Africa

Question 9: Achebe obtained such high marks in the entrance examination that he was admitted as a Major Scholar in the university's first intake and given a bursary to study ________.
SurgeryMedicinePhysicianSpecialty (medicine)

Question 10:
How is Chinua Achebe described?
Nigerian general, diplomat and politician
Nigerian novelist, essayist and columnist
Nigerian Pulitzer-winning journalist
Nigerian novelist, poet and critic


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