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Question 1:
What genus does Chinook salmon belong to?

Question 2:
What kind of animal is a Chinook salmon?

Question 3:
What phylum does Chinook salmon belong to?

Question 4: In Russia, they are found in Kamchatka and the ________.
Antsiferov IslandSakhalinHokkaidōKuril Islands

Question 5: Chinook salmon may spend 1 to 8 years in the ________ (averaging from 3 to 4 years)[2] before returning to their home rivers to spawn.
NatureNatural environmentEarthOcean

Question 6:
What classis does Chinook salmon belong to?

Question 7: The commercial catch world record is 126 pounds (57 kg) caught near Rivers Inlet ________ in the late 70's.
OntarioCanadaAlbertaBritish Columbia

Question 8: The chinook is blue-green on the back and top of the head with silvery sides and white ________ surfaces.
DigestionAnatomyEarAnatomical terms of location

Question 9: The species has also established itself in Patagonian waters in ________, where escaped hatchery fish have colonized rivers and established stable spawning runs.
South AmericaAmericasNorth AmericaLatin America

Question 10: Increased algae levels lead to higher levels of ________ in the water which transfers into living organisms, fostering underwater plants and small organisms, which salmon eat.
Carbon cycleGreenhouse gasCarbon sinkCarbon dioxide


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