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Question 1: The KC-135s were redeployed to permit increased B-52 operations at U-Tapao and ________ deployment at Takhli.
General Dynamics/Grumman F-111BF-102 Delta DaggerF-4 Phantom IIGeneral Dynamics F-111

Question 2: The 374th remained heavily committed to support of operations in ________, and also continued routine airlift in other areas.
PhilippinesSoutheast AsiaSingaporeMalaysia

Question 3: Two Martin EB-57 Canberras from the 347th Tactical Fighter Wing based at Yokota AB ________ deployed to CCK, between November 29 and December 8, 1968.
United KingdomCanadaJapanCambodia

Question 4: The increase in the ________ Arc Light sortie rates over Vietnam necessitated relocation of additional KC-135's which provided PACAF fighter support.
KC-135 StratotankerB-52 StratofortressB-29 SuperfortressB-47 Stratojet

Question 5: During the ________, CCK was used by the United States Air Force as a support installation.
Joseph StalinCold WarVietnam WarCentral Intelligence Agency

Question 6: On 13 November 1973, the 374th TAW was reassigned to ________ Philippines.
Clark Air Base27th Special Operations Group3d Wing19th Operations Group

Question 7: The 18th Tactical Fighter Wing based at ________, Okinawa maintained a detachment of McDonnell F-4C Phantom II aircraft from November 1972 until 1979.
Kadena Air Base4th Fighter WingEighth Air Force452d Operations Group

Question 8: The 314th TAW returned to Little Rock AFB, ________ in 1971.
AlabamaMissouriArkansasGeorgia (U.S. state)

Question 9: In April 1965, the 479th Tactical Fighter Wing at George AFB ________ deployed two F-104C squadrons to CCK (434th and 435th TFS).
Los AngelesSacramento, CaliforniaSan Jose, CaliforniaCalifornia

Question 10: Ching Chuan Kang Air Base (CCK) is a Republic Of China ________ base located on Taiwan.
Royal Air ForceTurkish Air ForceLuftwaffeAir force


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