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Chinese terms for God: Quiz


Question 1: The earliest ________ missionary to China, Robert Morrison, arrived there in 1807.
ProtestantismChristian denominationChristianityBaptist

Question 2: In addition, the ________, a four letter pronunciation of the name of God from the original Hebrew often rendered as "YHWH", is rendered in different ways.
TetragrammatonJehovahTanakhHebrew language

Question 3: However, many other titles (such as LORD — usually capitalized, as a replacement for the ________ — Almighty, etc) are also used.
JehovahTanakhHebrew languageTetragrammaton

Question 4: (See Shangdi, Pangu, Tian, and ________, for examples and details.)
Chinese mythologyJourney to the WestChinese dragonThree Sovereigns and Five Emperors

Question 5: Their translators, coming to China later and separately, chose to use the older terminology "________", apparently believing Shangdi was a valid or preferable representation of the "Most High God".
Chinese mythologyChinese languageShangdiHan Dynasty

Question 6: The oldest records of the term Westerners translate as "God", "Most High God", "Greatest Lord" appear to exist in the earliest documents of Chinese literature as ________ (上帝, pinyin: Shàngdì, literally "Above Emperor").
ShangdiHan DynastyChinese languageChinese mythology

Question 7: The earliest documented Chinese ________ church was founded in China in about 1289.
Pope John Paul IIPope Gregory ICatholic ChurchPope

Question 8: Catholics, Anglicans, & Lutherans particularly use Shàngzhǔ in prayers of the ________.
TransubstantiationEucharistic theologySacramental breadEucharist


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