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Chinese philosophy: Quiz


Question 1: Chinese philosophy is ________ written in the Chinese tradition of thought.
AristotlePhilosophyPolitical philosophyDavid Hume

Question 2: During the Industrial and Modern Ages, Chinese philosophy had also began to integrate concepts of ________, as steps toward modernization.
Ancient philosophyContemporary philosophyWestern philosophyMedieval philosophy

Question 3: Despite Confucianism losing popularity to Taoism and Buddhism, ________ combined those ideas into a more metaphysical framework.
Zhu XiChinaMing DynastyNeo-Confucianism

Question 4: This would be used to justify Li Si's large scale persecutions of the other schools of thought during the Qin dynasty, and the invariable denunciation by Confucian scholars from the ________ and onwards.
Ming DynastySong DynastyTang DynastyHan Dynasty

Question 5: Only during the Ming Dynasty was the School of Mind revived by ________, whose influence is equal to that of Zhu Xi.
Neo-ConfucianismWang YangmingConfuciusSong Dynasty

Question 6: But probably the most influential and original of these schools was the Chan sect, which had an even stronger impact in Japan as the ________ sect.
Pure Land BuddhismBuddhismGuan YinZen

Question 7: ________ (Máo zé dōng) added Marxism, Stalinism, and other communist thought.
Deng XiaopingChiang Kai-shekMao ZedongZhou Enlai

Question 8:
  • ________, Confucius' follower having idealist inspiration
    Chinese philosophyChinaPlatoMencius

Question 9: This school did not thrive because the Chinese regarded sophistry and ________ as impractical.
Dialectical materialismDialecticMarxismPhilosophy

Question 10: ________ (vital energy or material force)
TaoismTao Te ChingQiYin and yang

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