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Chinatown: Quiz


Question 1: Generally, there were also mild but recognisable sub-divisions based on Chinese clans/________.
Personal nameIcelandic nameFamily nameSurname

Question 2: What does the following picture show?

  Entrance to the Chinatown, Sydney
  Chinese Garden of Friendship, part of Sydney Chinatown
  Chinese stone lions at the gate to the Victoria, BC Chinatown
  The New York City area is home to at least 6 Chinatowns. The oldest Chinatown in New York City is centered on Mott Street and Canal Street in Manhattan.

Question 3: They also tend to have displays of whole pre-cooked roasted ducks and ________ hanging in their windows, a common feature in most Chinatowns worldwide.
SpainSuckling pigPortugalPhilippines

Question 4: After the war, most companies relocated to ________, the current central business district of Metro Manila.
Makati CityQuezon CityMarikina CityValenzuela City

Question 5: Chinatowns may contain small businesses that sell imported VCDs and DVDs of ________ films and karaoke.
Spoken ChineseCantonese (Yue)Fuzhou dialectChinese language

Question 6:
What role did Roman Polanski play in the movie Chinatown?
Hollis Mulwray
Man with Knife
J.J. Gittes
Noah Cross

Question 7: Other festivals may also be held in a parking lot/________, local park, or school grounds within Chinatown.
Parking lotStormwaterStorm drainUrban runoff

Question 8: In the past, Chinatown had also been used to refer to the Chinese sections of non-Chinese-administered cities within ________.
SinosphereTaiwanGreater ChinaChinese language

Question 9:
What role did Perry Lopez play in the movie Chinatown?
J.J. Gittes
Noah Cross

Question 10: While opium dens no longer exist, illegal basement ________ parlors are still places of recreation in many Chinatowns, where men gather to play mahjong and other games.
Slot machineLotteryGambling in the United StatesGambling

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