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China cymbal: Quiz


Question 1: When used in a ________, they are regarded as effects cymbals and are used to give colour and variety.
Bass drumHi-hatTom-tom drumDrum kit

Question 2: Their origins can be traced back to the ________ in both sound and shape, and thus they are given their name 'china'.
GongErhuBell (instrument)Bass drum

Question 3: 4 ________ | 5 Snare drum | 6 Hi-hat
Bass drumTom-tom drumCymbalRototom

Question 4:
In western music, china type ________ are cymbals manufactured to produce a dark, crisp, trashy, and explosive tone.
Tom-tom drumRototomBass drumCymbal

Question 5: Ride cymbal | China cymbal | Splash cymbal | Sizzle cymbal
Swish cymbal | Cowbell | Wood block | ________
Rototom | Octoban | Hardware

Question 6: the ________ 2002 Novo china) have an inverted bell and an upturned rim, and so must be mounted bell up to achieve this downwards rim orientation.
Heavy metal musicKing CrimsonPaisteIron Maiden


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