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China Airlines Flight 611: Quiz


Question 1: An ________ of the aircraft occurred once the crack opened up, causing the complete disintegration of the aircraft in mid-air.
Korean Air Lines Flight 007Boeing 747Uncontrolled decompressionCabin pressurization

Question 2: ________
List of accidents and disasters by death tollList of accidents and incidents involving airliners by locationList of accidents and incidents involving commercial aircraftList of accidents and incidents involving airliners by airline

Question 3: On 12 August 1985 (17 years earlier), ________ crashed after losing its tail and hydraulic systems.
Delta Air Lines Flight 191Japan Airlines Flight 123Air India Flight 182British Airtours Flight 28M

Question 4: China Airlines requested relatives to submit ________ samples for DNA testing at the Criminal Investigation Bureau of National Police Administration and two other locations.
Red blood cellBloodPlateletBlood plasma

Question 5: One of the features of this metal fatigue was that pictures that were taken during the inspection of the plane years before the disaster had visible brown stains of ________ around the doubler plate.
Nicotinic agonistPhencyclidineLobelineNicotine

Question 6: The items included magazines, documents, luggage, photographs, ________, and a China Airlines-embossed, blood-stained pillow case.
Hong Kong dollarNew Taiwan dollarSingapore dollarUnited States dollar

Question 7: "China Airlines back in the dock," ________
Raidió Teilifís ÉireannTG4Norwegian Broadcasting CorporationBBC

Question 8: Authorities placed ten bodies and some human remains in an ________.
Nuclear fusionRadiation therapyX-rayIonizing radiation


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