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Question 1: The Late Alam Lohar is famous for playing this instrument and introducing it globally, today great musicians like ________ and Arif Lohar plays this instrument .
Manmohan WarisSangtarPunjabi Virsa 2006Kamal Heer

Question 2: A chimta \ literally meaning tongs, is a traditional percussion instrument of South Asia, often used in popular Punjabi ________ music.
DanceHip-hop danceBhangraB-boying

Question 3: Also known as the "rusty tamborine sword", the chimta has been spotted being played by members of the experimental rock band ________ on recent tours.
DetrolaLivonia (His Name Is Alive album)His Name Is AliveThe Dirt Eaters EP

Question 4:
Chimta, Piano and Drum are all:
Punjabi culture Bhangra Punjabi words and phrases Percussion instruments

Question 5:
Chimta, Sikh and Bhangra are all:
Punjabi culture Punjabi words and phrases Bhangra Percussion instruments

Question 6:
Chimta, Punjabi language and Bhangra are all:
Bhangra Percussion instruments Punjabi culture Punjabi words and phrases

Question 7:
Chimta, Jay Sean and Bhangra are all:
Punjabi culture Percussion instruments Bhangra Punjabi words and phrases

Question 8: Chimtas with large discs are used at rural festivals while ones with smaller discs are often used as an accompaniment to ________ dancers and singers of traditional Indian hymns.
Hip-hop danceTango (dance)BhangraB-boying

Question 9: The chimta consists of a long, flat folded piece of metal ________ strip, often with 7 pairs of small metal jingles.
Stainless steelSteelIronCarbon steel


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