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Chiloé Island: Quiz


Question 1: Chiloé Island (8,394 km², 3241 sq mi), is the second largest island in Chile (and the fifth largest in South America), after the Isla Grande de ________.
Magellanic subpolar forestsCape HornPatagoniaTierra del Fuego

Question 2: Chiloé Island and the Chonos Archipelago are a southern extension of the Chilean coastal range, which runs north and south, parallel to the Pacific coast and the ________.
GeographyGran ChacoAndesPhysical geography

Question 3: The western side of the island is rainy and wild, home to the ________, one of the world's few acid rain forests.
Temperate rainforestValdivian temperate rain forestsMagellanic subpolar forestsNeotropic ecozone

Question 4: The capital is Castro, on the east side of the island; the second largest town is ________, at the island's northwest corner, and there are several smaller port towns on the east side of the island, such as Quellón, Dalcahue and Chonchi.
AncudChiloé ArchipelagoSan Pablo, ChileQuemchi

Question 5: Chiloé Island (Spanish: Isla de Chiloé), also known as Greater Island of Chiloé (Isla Grande de Chiloé), is the largest island of the Chiloé Archipelago off the coast of ________, in the Pacific Ocean.


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