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Question 1: Chillingham bulls contributed genetically to ________ herds in the early 20th century, but the Chillingham herd has remained pure.
White ParkBeefCattleBritish White

Question 2: As with most other ________ species, the King bull is normally the only one to breed.

Question 3: Chillingham Cattle are a breed of cattle that live in a large enclosed park at Chillingham Castle, Northumberland, ________.
EnglandScotlandWalesUnited Kingdom

Question 4: The Northumberland site is also home to a variety of other species including red squirrel, fox, and ________, as well as roe deer and fallow deer.
CatEuropean BadgerBadgerBear

Question 5: However, most of these trees were only planted in the 1780s - early 1800s and the truly ancient trees of the Park are the streamside ________ trees which were probably coppiced in the mid 1700s.
Alnus rubraAlnus glutinosaAlderBirch

Question 6: [4] There are approximately 55 bird species, including ________, Green Woodpeckers, and the Eurasian Nuthatch which claims this latitude as its northernmost range in the United Kingdom.
Crowned EagleChangeable Hawk-eagleLong-legged BuzzardCommon Buzzard

Question 7: The Chillingham Cattle are related to ________ cattle, in the sense that the Chillingham herd has contributed to the White Park, though there has been no gene flow the other way.
MilkWhite ParkBritish WhiteBeef

Question 8: A diversity of plants and ________ find a habitat here, due to the absence of the intensive farming found in most other places in Britain.

Question 9: This rare breed consists of about 90 animals in Chillingham, which inhabit a very large park that has existed since the ________.
High Middle AgesLate Middle AgesEarly Middle AgesMiddle Ages

Question 10: [2] There is also a small reserve herd of about 20 animals located on ________ land near Fochabers, North East Scotland.
Home OfficeDepartment for Culture, Media and SportCrown EstateCabinet Office


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