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Question 1: It is the largest wintering ground for migratory birds on the ________.
South AsiaHindustani languagePunjabi languageBrāhmī script

Question 2: White bands of ________ in the southern sector, at a height of 8 m (26 ft), above the present water level, shows that the area was once marine and that the water was much deeper than present.
GorgonianScleractiniaCoral reefCoral

Question 3: The White-bellied Sea Eagle, Pariah Kite, ________, Kestrel, Marsh harriers, and the world's most widespread bird of prey, peregrine falcon, are among the raptors seen here.
Black KiteBrahminy KiteRed KiteSteppe Eagle

Question 4: The beautiful ________ is located nearly 12 km from Chilika Lagoon.
United KingdomCanadaUnited StatesWaterfall

Question 5: Larks, Wagtails and ________ are also found on the mudflats.

Question 6: [14][15] [16] The villagers around Chilika Lake still observe an annual festival called "Bali Yatra" (Journey to ________).
IndonesiaJakartaCentral JavaBali

Question 7: Some species listed in the ________ Red List of threatened animals inhabit the lake for at least part of their life cycle.
ExtinctionConservation statusInternational Union for Conservation of NatureEndangered species

Question 8: These include Plovers, the Collared Pratincole, ________, Dunlin, Snipes and Sandpipers.
Common RavenBroad-billed SandpiperRuffBird

Question 9: Estimated sediment transport due to this is on the order of 100,000 ________.
Metric systemUnited States customary unitsTonneKilogram

Question 10: Hydrobiological monitoring was supported under the Orissa Water Resources Consolidation Project of the ________, to the extent of Rs 10 million (US$220,000).
International Monetary FundWorld BankBretton Woods systemWorld Bank Group


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