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Chilean Dolphin: Quiz


Question 1: The population of the Chilean Dolphin, perhaps one of the least studied of all ________, is not known with certainty.
Beaked whaleCetaceaToothed whaleOceanic dolphin

Question 2: The dolphin is seen over a wider interval of latitudes than other Cephalorhynchus species - from Valparaíso at 33° S to ________ at 55° S.
Cape HornPatagoniaTierra del FuegoMagellanic subpolar forests

Question 3: The dolphin is only found off the coast of ________, it is commonly referred to in the country as Tunina.

Question 4: The Chilean Dolphin (Cephalorhynchus eutropia), also known as the Black Dolphin, is one of four ________ in the Cephalorhynchus genus.
Bottlenose dolphinDolphinCetaceaToothed whale


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