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Question 1: What does the following picture show?

  Beach in Viña del Mar
  German influence is visible in southern Chile. Puerto Octay.
  Parinacota Volcano in northern Chile
  Chilean notes currently in circulation (The $500 bill is no longer in circulation)

Question 2:
How many square miles is Chile in area?

Question 3:
Which is the largest city in Chile?

Question 4:
What is the native name for Chile
Repu00FAblica del Ru00EDo Grande
Repu00FAblica de Chile
Repu00FAblica Popular de Angola
Confederaciu00F3n de Trabajadores de la Repu00FAblica de Panamu00E1

Question 5: Novelist José Donoso's novel The Obscene Bird of the Night is considered by critic ________ to be one of the cononical works of Twentieth Century Western literature.
Thomas PynchonGnosticismHarold BloomWilliam Shakespeare

Question 6: Luis Ayala was twice a runner-up at the French Open and both Ríos and Fernando González reached the ________ men's singles finals.
Australian OpenUS Open (tennis)2010 Australian Open2009 Australian Open

Question 7:
What type of government does Chile have?

Question 8: What does the following picture show?

  The port of San Antonio
  Grey Glacier in southern Chile
  Valle de la Luna (Moon Valley) near San Pedro de Atacama
  Bernardo O'Higgins, Supreme Director of Chile

Question 9: The northern ________ contains great mineral wealth, primarily copper and nitrates.
SaharaAntarcticaAtacama DesertMojave Desert

Question 10:

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