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Children's music: Quiz


Question 1: Sanitized versions of earthy songs like Harry McClintock's ________ have regularly been adapted for younger audiences.
I'll Fly AwayBig Rock Candy MountainHoboO Brother, Where Art Thou?

Question 2: In the late 1970s, Canadian artist ________, coincided with the rise of children's music as a distinct music industry genre.
Baby BelugaAnn CavoukianBarbara KingsolverRaffi (musician)

Question 3: The use of children's music, to educate, continued to grow, as evidenced in February, 2009, when ________'s young children's series surpassed 5 million CD sales.
Paul SimonDion DiMucciBobby SusserBen E. King

Question 4: Such companies as: Walt Disney, RCA Victor, Decca Records, ________, Warner Brothers and Columbia Records (among others) published albums based on popular cartoons or nursery rhymes.
The Andrews SistersEMIParlophoneCapitol Records

Question 5: [1] Most albums targeted nationally to children are soundtracks for motion pictures or symbiotic marketing projects involving mass-marketed acts such as ________ or Veggie Tales.
Greg Page (musician)The WigglesJeff FattSam Moran

Question 6: Children's music gained an even wider audience in the 1970s when musical features such as ________ and the original Letter People were featured on network and public television, respectively.
7 (number)4 (number)Schoolhouse Rock!10 (number)

Question 7: Many are folk songs, but there is a whole genre of ________ that has become increasingly popular.
New JerseyThe Electric Company (1971 TV series)Educational musicChildren's music

Question 8: Children's music is often designed to provide an entertaining means of teaching children about their ________, other cultures, good behavior, facts and skills.
FamilyHuman rightsSlaveryCulture

Question 9: In 1969, the Children's Television Workshop in the USA launched ________.
Public Broadcasting ServiceThe Electric Company (1971 TV series)Sesame StreetTeletubbies

Question 10: Also recently, traditionally rock-oriented acts like ________ have released albums marketed directly to children, such as No! and Here Come the ABCs.
Don't Let's StartThey Might Be GiantsIstanbul (Not Constantinople)They Might Be Giants discography


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