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Question 1: She was convicted of ________ due to diminished responsibility in the deaths of toddlers Martin Brown and Brian Howe.
Misdemeanor murderFelony murder ruleManslaughterNegligent homicide

Question 2: One was the killing on 12 February 1993 of the almost three-year-old boy James Bulger by two ten-year-old boys in Liverpool, ________, UK.
EnglandWalesBritish peopleScotland

Question 3: The killing of children is often closely related to instances of prolonged periods of ________.
Child abuseElder abuseAdulteryDomestic violence

Question 4: The murder of children is considered a ________ in most societies; they are perceived within their communities and the state at large as being vulnerable, and therefore especially susceptible to abduction and murder.

Question 5: Parents sometimes begin administering corporal punishment that quickly escalates into severe abuse and occasionally murder, as, for example, in the Victoria ClimbiƩ case which occurred in ________.

Question 6: Also, in 1968 in ________, England there was the trial of 10-year old Mary Bell.
Tyne and WearYorkSunderland, Tyne and WearNewcastle upon Tyne

Question 7: Muti is a practice of human sacrifice and mutilation associated with some traditional cultural practices, such as Sangoma, in ________.
Sierra LeoneSouth AfricaCanadaMauritius

Question 8: Several cases of ________ carried out by family members or religious groups have resulted in the murders of children.
Demonic possessionGhostExorcismNear death experience

Question 9: Multiple deaths in one incident, such as the 1999 ________ tend to gather the most media attention but are statistically scarce.
School shootingEric Harris and Dylan KleboldColumbine High School massacre in modern cultureColumbine High School massacre

Question 10: An unknown child (referred to as Adam), whose decapitated torso was found in the River Thames in ________ in 2002 is believed to have been the victim of a muti killing.

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