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Question 1: The popular Christmas carol, ________.
Frosty the Snowman (TV program)Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (TV special)Rankin/BassThe Little Drummer Boy

Question 2: At thirteen he was considered to have become adult, in accordance with both the Jewish custom of his own time, and that of most ________ cultures until recent centuries.
ChristianChristianityCatholic ChurchJesus

Question 3: A number of apocryphal texts, the ________ grew up with legendary accounts of the intervening period, and these are sometimes shown.
Biblical canonNew Testament apocryphaChristian biblical canonsNew Testament

Question 4: The Child Jesus has been very frequently depicted in art, from around the third or fourth century onwards, in ________ and paintings, sculpture, and all the media available.
Byzantine EmpireHagia SophiaIconByzantine Iconoclasm

Question 5: As the majority of Christians at the time were illiterate, the stories acquired a dark or morbid feel similar to the ________ tales, as concern for approval from the Roman Curia began to wane in the later centuries.
Brothers GrimmRomanticismE. T. A. HoffmannAugust Wilhelm Schlegel

Question 6: The symbolism of the Child Jesus in art reached its apex during the Renaissance: the holy family was a central theme in the works of ________ and many other masters
Mona LisaLeonardo da VinciLeonardo da Vinci's personal lifeItalian Renaissance painting

Question 7: Scenes showing his developing years are relatively rare, as these are hardly mentioned in the ________.
Apostle (Christian)GospelNew TestamentJesus

Question 8: This "original nuclear family" symbolized the ________ to many early Christian believers.
Biblical canonTrinityChristologyGod in Christianity

Question 9: ________'s famous story The Selfish Giant is another legend involving a boy that turns out, at the end of the story, to be the Christ Child.
Lord Alfred DouglasOscar WildeEdgar Allan PoeWillie Wilde

Question 10: The Child Jesus (also called Divine Infant, Baby Jesus, or Christ Child) represents ________ from his birth to the age of twelve.
New Testament view on Jesus' lifeGospelJesusNew Testament

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