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Chief Warrant Officer: Quiz


Question 1: CWOs are never addressed as "Chief", this being a form of addressed reserved for ________.
Lance CorporalStaff SergeantCorporalChief Petty Officer

Question 2: Regimental Sergeant-Major (RSM) – the most senior NCM in a battalion-sized Army unit, including ________, combat engineer, and signal regiments.
Reservoir DogsPulp Fiction (film)Armored (film)Vacancy (film)

Question 3: Chief Warrant Officer or CWO is the most senior Army and Air Force non-commissioned member (NCM) rank of the ________.
Land Force Western AreaLand Force Central AreaCadet Instructors CadreCanadian Forces

Question 4: CWOs generally mess and billet with other Warrant Officers and with Sergeants, and their Naval equivalents, ________ and Petty Officers.
Lance CorporalChief Petty OfficerStaff SergeantCorporal

Question 5: The ________ form is Adjudant-chef (Adjuc).
Portuguese languageRomanian languageFrench languageSpanish language


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