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Chickpea: Quiz


Question 1: Raw chickpeas contain ________ (enzyme that breaks down proteins) inhibitors which counteract the enzymes in our body that digest protein.
Cysteine proteaseProteaseSerine proteaseAspartate protease

Question 2: Chickpeas also provide dietary ________ (49–53 mg/100 g), with some sources citing the garbanzo's calcium content as about the same as yogurt and close to milk.

Question 3: In India, as well as in the Levant, unripe chickpeas are often picked out of the pod and eaten as a raw snack and the leaves are eaten as a green vegetable in ________.

Question 4: They are found in the late Neolithic (about 3500 BCE) at Thessaly, Kastanas, ________ and Dimini.

Question 5:
What is the binomial of Chickpea?
Cicer arietinum
Psychotria forsteriana
Pareronia ceylonica
Tremella frondosa

Question 6:
What role did Chickpea play in the telemovie The Comic Strip Presents...?
First Class Receptionist
Pauline Sneak

Question 7:
What kind of animal is a Chickpea?

Question 8: The Desi (meaning country or local in ________) is also known as Bengal gram or kala chana.
Hindustani languageSanskritHindiPunjabi language

Question 9: The chickpea (Cicer arietinum) (also garbanzo bean, Indian pea, ceci bean, Bengal gram) is an edible legume of the family ________, subfamily Faboideae.
AcaciaPlantFabaceaeFlowering plant

Question 10:
What is the subfamilia of Chickpea?

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