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Question 1: The modern chicken is a descendant of Red Junglefowl hybrids with the Grey Junglefowl first raised thousands of years ago in the northern parts of the ________.
AfricaSouth AsiaIndian subcontinentAsia

Question 2: Today, chickens are also cooked by deep frying and prepared as fast food as fried chicken, chicken nuggets or ________.
Buffalo wingsChicken (food)Chicken soupChicken finger

Question 3: It was eaten over most of the Eastern hemisphere and a number of different kinds of chicken such as capons, ________ and hens were eaten.
ChickenChicken (food)CockfightChicken soup

Question 4: It is the most common type of poultry on earth [1], and is prepared as ________ in a wide variety of ways, varying by region and culture throughout the world.
CookingMeatFoodMedieval cuisine

Question 5: Cooking method is highly related to health issues related to chicken, with steam cooking with skin removed being considered one of the healthiest, and fried with ________ one of the worst.
Low-density lipoproteinAtherosclerosisTrans fatCholesterol

Question 6: ________ refers to a serving of the wing sections of a chicken.
Chicken nuggetChicken fingerBuffalo wingsChicken soup

Question 7: It was one of the basic ingredients in the so-called white dish, a ________ usually consisting of chicken and fried onions cooked in milk and seasoned with spices and sugar.
FoodCookingMedieval cuisineStew

Question 8: Exotic parts like pygostyle (chicken's buttocks) and testicles are commonly eaten in ________ and some parts of South East Asia.
East AsiaCentral AsiaSoutheast AsiaFar East

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