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Chişinău: Quiz


Question 1: The epicenter of the quake, which measured 7.3 on the Richter scale, was in eastern ________ and subsequently led to substantial destruction in the city.

Question 2: Chişinău has an international airport, which offers connections to a number of major cities including ________, Bucharest, Frankfurt, Istanbul, London, Madrid, Milan, Moscow, Paris, Rome, Vienna and others.

Question 3: The city is home to 12 public and 11 private universities, the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, as well as a number of institutions offering both ________ education, as well as 1–2 years of college education.
High schoolSecondary educationGymnasium (school)Public school (government funded)

Question 4: Since the collapse of the ________, the city has become a relatively lively and well-provisioned capital, with a much higher standard of living than in most rural areas of the country.
Joseph StalinRussiaSoviet UnionEast Germany

Question 5: This began with the Soviet occupation by the ________ on 28 June 1940.
RussiaSoviet Armed ForcesEastern Front (World War II)Red Army

Question 6: Other TV channels are Antena C, CTC, DTV, Euro TV, ________, MuzTV, NIT and TV 7.

Question 7: It is a major industrial and services center; its main industries include consumer and electrical goods, ________, machinery, plastics, rubber, and textiles.
AluminiumTitaniumBuilding materialTin

Question 8: Between 26 May 1830 and 13 October 1836 the architect Avraam Melnikov established the 'Catedrala Naşterea Domnului' (an Eastern Orthodox ________) with a magnificent bell tower.
Catholic ChurchCathedralBishopPrimate (religion)

Question 9: Although average precipitation and ________ during summer is low, there are infrequent yet heavy storms.
Weather forecastingWindHumidityWater vapor

Question 10: Within Chişinău and its suburbs, privately operated minibuses, known as "________" generally follow the major bus and trolleybus routes and appear more frequently.

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