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Question 1: These range from small birds such as tits (Paridae) and ________ (Troglodytidae) to Mistle Thrush (Turdidae).

Question 2: The area suffered serious flooding during the storm of 10 July 1968, prompting localised evacuation of populated valley areas in the lower parts of the valley, around ________ and Keynsham.
Chew ValleyBishop SuttonHigh LittletonPensford

Question 3: [32] In the seventeenth century ________ (1632–1704) an eminent philosopher lived in Belluton and his house is still known as John Locke's cottage.
Immanuel KantPlatoGottfried LeibnizJohn Locke

Question 4: Buildings, particularly the churches, date back hundreds of years, for example those at Marksbury and ________; the latter incorporating a columbarium.
West HarptreeCompton MartinUbleyEast Harptree

Question 5: It is a significant feature towards the north-eastern part of the area and is represented by the ________ Syncline coal basin, which formed part of the Somerset coalfield.
High LittletonBishop SuttonChew ValleyPensford

Question 6: [6] In the south and south east of the area there are coal measures which are sufficiently near the surface for coal mining to have taken place around Clutton and ________.
East HarptreeHigh LittletonWest HarptreeUbley

Question 7: There are no swimming pools in the valley, and swimming is not allowed in the lakes, however these are available locally in Bristol, Bath, ________ and Midsomer Norton.
Compton BishopCheddarShiphamAxbridge

Question 8: Mature oak (Quercus) and ash (Fraxinus excelsior) trees are characteristic of the area with occasional groups of scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) and ________ (Castanea sativa).
RicePlantChestnutFlowering plant

Question 9: There are hundreds of ________ in the valley.
Grade I listed buildings in South YorkshireGrade I listed buildings in BristolListed buildingGrade I listed buildings in Somerset

Question 10: Most of the undeveloped area is within the Bristol/Bath ________.
Green beltUrban growth boundaryOttawaUrban sprawl


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