Chevrolet Avalanche: Quiz

Question 1:
Which of the following are related to Chevrolet Avalanche?

Question 2:
What class does Chevrolet Avalanche belong to?

Question 3: Chevrolet Trucks at the ________
Life (magazine)Open Directory ProjectTime WarnerJim Barksdale

Question 4:
How long is Chevrolet Avalanche?

Question 5:
Where is Chevrolet Avalanche assembled?

Question 6:
Which of the following of transmission can the Chevrolet Avalanche have?
7-speed, automatic
5-speed ZF 5HP24A tiptronic automatic ,
4-speed manual
6-speed automatic

Question 7: The name Avalanche derives from the dangerous and sudden collapse of mountain snowpacks known as the ________.

Question 8:
What is the engine layout of the Chevrolet Avalanche?

Question 9:
What engine does the Chevrolet Avalanche use?
6.0 L PowerStroke V8
6.0 L V8
1.3 L 60 hp EV1, I4
1649 cubic inch, Ford GAC four cycle 60 degree V12 gasoline

Question 10:
What type of platform(s) does Chevrolet Avalanche have?

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