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Chevrolet Astro: Quiz


Question 1:
How long is Chevrolet Astro?
1992-94 Astro Cargo Van EXT:

Question 2: ________
Chevrolet 90-Degree V6 engineChevrolet S-10 BlazerChevrolet C/KChevrolet El Camino

Question 3:
Which of the following of transmission can the Chevrolet Astro have?
7-speed, automatic
5-speed Manual
Four speed
6-speed, shaft drive

Question 4: Engines options ranged from 145 to 190 hp (108 to 142) kW 4.3L ________ engine, depending on options and/or model year.It was also fitted with the 'W' engine which produces 200hp.
Straight-six engineV6 engineInline-four engineV8 engine

Question 5:
What type of platform(s) does Chevrolet Astro have?

Question 6:
What is the engine layout of the Chevrolet Astro?

Question 7:
Where is Chevrolet Astro assembled?
Wolfsburg, Germany;
Hino-shi, Japan
Smyrna, Tennessee
Baltimore Assembly in Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Question 8: Both ________ and GMC have used the Safari nameplate (GMC is part of the Pontiac/GMC division); Pontiac used the nameplate on several of its station wagon models from 1955 through 1989.

Question 9:
What class does Chevrolet Astro belong to?

Question 10:
What engine does the Chevrolet Astro use?
2.5L 130 PS I4 Turbodiesel
2.5L Tech IV I4
2.5L QR25DE, I4
2.5 L, Tech IV I4


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